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3 ways to play

Play the original with an emulator


Now, you have 3 ways to play VECTREX ©:

1 –   With the good old 1982-released console. The purist way. Of course, it remains a unique experience, and is not too difficult to find. You can have a look on sites like eBay, and find at a reasonable price the console made 30 years ago, with its very special design.

2 –   With your modern computers. Thanks to emulation, it is possible to emulate VECTREX © on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux,… even PSP). What you have to do is to download the Vectrex emulation freeware, and to download the ROM of the original games. We provide for you two completely free games: MINESTORM, ARMOR ATTACK. Download them and follow the ParaJVE instructions… enjoy the instant fun on your so flat LCD screen!



3 – COMING SOON:  VECTREX on IPAD! Thanks to Rantmedia games partnership, the VECTREX © major games + exciting new ones are to be released in the coming months for tablets. No need to say the experience will be superior; an exceptional job has been achieved to polish the games look and feel, to recreate the original spirit without compromise… You will soon see how it works, expect to be surprised!

Stay tuned with Vectrex, visit Vectrex Regeneration!

8 février 2012

Vectrex inside

Vectrex © console is living again through vintage emulation and tablet devices, and is becoming specially shiny this year 2012. The unique vector-based device of the 80’s can be played with our modern tools, for the pleasure of the “Vectrex-natives”, for the discovery of the digital-native generation.


We believe a game is for 1 – fun, 2- fun and 3- fun. The current release of 100 million $ games, heavily marketed with impressive graphics and playable only online, is… interesting. But third millennium gamers should experience other gaming experiences than these ubiquitous, financially and technically exhausting commercial games. Vectrex © remains among us and provides this experience of simplicity, vintage beauty and immediate fun.

The purity of the vector graphics, the simplicity of the gaming rules, the ultra-basic music… VECTREX © offers this experience to you right now, on your computer! But before, if you don’t know the Vectrex world, have a look on this video. You will get quickly the spirit of VECTREX : it is simple, yes, but challenging, with an importance of movement control that most of the modern games have lost! Be precise, be concentrated… have fun !


9 février 2012


The Vectrex 1982 device is unique, using vector graphics and a dedicated monitor. The Vectrex console was released in the early Eighties and seduced fans all over the world.

While it is widely believed that the Nintendo 64 was the first home console to include an analog controller, the Vectrex preceded the N64 by over a decade. Also Vectrex invented two highly spectacular peripherals: the Light Pen and the 3 D Imager.

You can play the original with a proper emulator : for PC, you could download it on this page (thanks to ParaJVE freeware), for Mac have a visit here (thanks to Richard Bannister) then follow the instruction, download the ROM of the games




And you will be able to enjoy the VECTREX experience with your usual machine. Have fun!

9 février 2012


Interested by this game?

Then download the ROM (for use with an emulator):


2 juin 2012


Interested by this game?

Then download the ROM (for use with an emulator):